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Castellammare del Golfo is a tourist town of 14.000 inhabitants on the northern coast of Sicily. Its name is roughly translated “Sea Fortress of the Gulf” and is so named because of  the Medieval Fortress in the harbor. Castellammare lies in the centre of a natural and cultural area of great interest.In ancient times, Castellammare had been the harbor of Segesta, one of the main towns of the Elymian people.


After the decline of Roman Empire, the area came under series of foreign control.  TheArabs turned the town into a large fortress, with an actual castle and introduced the use of the ‘tuna fishing net’ and the ‘caricatore’ a dock used to load the cargo boats. Normans andSvevis – between 1071 and 1282  had fortified the town with the enlargement of the fortress on the sea; so the town begun to be called “Castle on the Sea”. After, Aragons gave the town a definitive layout (settlement-arrangement).  It is during this period that the town became an important commercial port tied to the wheat export.


Castellammare del Golfo nowadays is a commercial sea port and its economy is based on fishing with the addition of tourism. Thanks to a rich heritage, natural beauty of its coast, and its hinterland, Castellammare is an important centre of tourism that has much to offer visitors.